cyber nawal
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Each Nawal is related to 4 others that form the so called "mayan cross" of the nawal, those 4 nawals influence the origin, the destiny, the material side, and the spiritual side of the nawal. Each card represents the mayan cross of the nawal.

The spread in the Mirror of Winal represents this mayan cross, the central card is the Key, the axis of the question, the upper card is the origin or cause the lower card represents the destiny or consequences, the left card is the external influence, the material, the factual, the actions to be taken, and finally the right card represents the spiritual, the mental the inner side of the question.

The Mirror of Winal is an instrument to explore your own state of mind, the branching out of an action, the different points of view about a question, to test an idea or project, as an aid in artistic creation, as a therapeutic tool in search of obstacles, to explore parallel realities, etc. As a multi dimensional mirror revealing different aspects of our consciousness, or an oracle to see beyond the obvious!