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The Mirror of Winal

20 Cards (9.4 cm X 12.7 cm). Instruction Booklet. Hand made cloth bag.

Author: David Marín Roma (DRoma Kat). Ilustrations: D. Marín (New Typography for an Ancient Language Project), Juan José Gonzales (Tziber Nawal Project), Thomas Laroche Joubert (Baktun 13 Typography Project). Juan Vossberg (Winal Stela Project). Thanx to Liga Maya de Quetzaltenango for their advice and support to this project. To Daniel Matul, Roney Alvarado, Audelino Sac Coyoy for reviewing the preliminary versions of the booklet, to Alan Mills for testing the B versions of the cards, Lucero, Salvador "Che from Xela", Jeni, Raúl, Jorge and Pablo Marín, Mike O'Flanagan, Ruadhan, Jen Bowen, and last but Never least to Diego, K'anel and Juan Noj.