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droma kat

About The Author:

David Marín Roma 17 Mol 3 Kat Artist, studied Physics at the USAC Guatemala, Obtained the Diploma in High Energy Physics at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste Italy, PhD at the BioMaPs Institute for the interrelation of Biology Mathematics and Physics in USA. He has worked computer simulations of biological systems, and is currently developing contemporary art projects involving the integration of various fields at

"The mayan population has suffered hundreds of years of repression and exploitation. During the seventies and eighties the brutal violence reached its peak, causing deep damage into society. But it also caused a rebirth of mayan culture, philosophy and social structures. Mayan spiritual leaders shared their knowledge to anyone interested, and in few years important transformations in the colective mind of guatemalan society have been achieved. It is with great respect and admiration that I present The Mirror of Winal as a contribution to the acts of reprogramation that are taking place at the setting of the new era". D Marín.