cyber nawal
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The Winal is a bundle of 20 days in the Mayan calendar system, it represents the human persona. Each day is presided by its own particular entity, coloquially called nawal, that brings its own potentials, influences or "energies" into the world, and the state of mind. A given situation or state of mind can be represented as the combination of these 20 energies or potentials.

In a sense, an oracle is an abstract model representing the state of mind and situations of a person by the combinations of a discrete number of essences, energies, inclinations or situations. Like the 12 zodiac signs, Tarot’s Arcanum, the 64 I Ching hexagrams, etc.

The Mirror of Winal is based on the 20 day-signs of the Mayan Tzolk´in calendar. On the back of the card is written: The Mirror of Winal in glyphs, surrounded by the 20 “day-signs” of Tzolk´in Maya calendar.